Price chart: Bitcoin / US dollar

Change time period in the bottom left corner of the live chart. Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the chart to see the corresponding historical bitcoin price and trading volume (touch and hold for smartphones).
Bitcoin price data shown from April 2013 till now.
The trading data is presented from Bitfinex exchange. Global volume for BTC/USD trading pair is much higher and not correlated with the data shown here.

Historical bitcoin chart clearly shows high price volatility. It means that bitcoin price is likely to change fast in any direction. Analytics link volatile price behaviour with relatively low bitcoin market capitalization in comparison to global markets such as precious metals, stocks, bonds, derivatives etc. Low market capitalization makes bitcoin market vulnerable to manipulations when big players may drive price in favour of own interests.

Bitcoin market capitalization (market cap) — added up value of all bitcoins in existence. To calculate the market cap, current price should be multiplied by the total number of bitcoins present now. For example, at 8000 USD per bitcoin and 18.5 bitcoins already mined, market cap would be 148 billion dollars.
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